Going Rogue

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Published by: Broadside Books
Release Date: August 24, 2010
Pages: 448
ISBN13: 978-0061939907



On September 3, 2008, Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention that electrified the nation and instantly made her one of the most recognizable women in the world. As chief executive America’s largest state, she had built a record as a reformer who cast aside politics-as-usual and pushed through changes other politicians only talked about.

But as the 2008 presidential campaign unfolded, Palin became a lightning rod for both praise and criticism. Supporters called her “refreshing” and “honest,” a kitchen-table public servant they felt would fight for their interests. Opponents derided her as a wide-eyed Pollyanna unprepared for national leadership.

Going Rogue paints an intimate portrait of growing up in the wilds of Alaska, meeting her lifelong love, her decision to enter politics, the importance of faith and family, and the unique trials and joys of life as a high-profile working mother. Palin also opens up for the first time about the 2008 presidential race, providing a rare mom’s-eye view of high-stakes national politics. The book traces one ordinary citizen’s extraordinary journey and imparts Palin’s vision of a way forward for America and her unfailing hope in the greatest nation on earth.


“Compelling and very well done.”
—Stanley Fish, The New York Times