Donkey Cons

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Published by: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: April 2, 2006
Pages: 288



Shameless bribery, illicit sex, sweeping corruption. In this raucous, head-spinning look at the follies and felonies of today’s most famous and infamous liberals, journalists Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain chronicle for the first time the rampant crime, sex, and corruption of the Democratic Party. Thoroughly researched, using outrageous anecdotes and intimate details, Donkey Cons shows that the serial corruption of the Clinton presidency wasn’t an anomaly but a developing, unnerving pattern in the modern Democratic ethos.


“Robert Stacy McCain and Lynn Vincent are right that there is a double standard for Democrat and Republican criminals, and it’s about time someone set the record straight. An irresistible book that reminds us what the New York Times wants us to forget.”
—David Horowitz, Publisher,, author of Unholy Alliance, The Professors, and Radical Son